The Song of the Void: A Self-Fish Story

Check out my new fun illustrated fairy-tale with deep meaning that will make you cry and laugh at the same time.

In the blue-blue sea, there lived a fish called Self-Fish.

She thought she was selfish – that’s what she was told.

She tried and tried to be selfless by pleasing others but all in vain.

She wasn’t selfish enough to be selfless.

She was almost ready to give up, but one day, she met someone she didn’t know existed…

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“In the blue-blue sea, there lived a fish called Self-Fish.

What a strange name, you might say. Who gives such a name?

Well, it’s actually a whole group of fish. They are called “Self-Fish” by other sea creatures who are sure about themselves that they don’t belong to this category.

She knew very well who she was – Self-Fish. Of that she was reminded daily.

“Stop thinking about yourself all the time. You never care about others,” the others chided.

“Why are you looking at yourself all the time?”

“If you weren’t Self-Fish, you would have had more compassion on our poor nerves.”

“Why am I Self-Fish?” thought Self-Fish. “I need to change. From now on I will think about others all the time.”

And that’s what she did.

Tired of being shamed and blamed, she decided she would be looking out for the interest of others.”

Do you think she succeeded?


But this quest took her on a journey where she discovered that there is beauty in every wound, and there’s fullness in every void.

The Persian poet Rumi said, “I looked for God and found only myself, I looked for myself and found only God.”

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